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Discover the essence of our work: clean, conscious design that integrates timeless principles with modern tendencies.

Case Studies


Wheeler Expeditions

Brand Positioning, Brand Concept, Logo Design, Print Materials, Web Page Design & Development

Wheeler Expeditions is a high-end adventure travel company founded in 1976 by Dr. Jack Wheeler, one of the foremost explorers of our age. His vast travel experience gives the company a unique approach to trip design, combining culture, history, and adventure in every expedition. Wheeler Expeditions came to us for rebranding and a new website to bring them into the 21st century.

The brand we created centers around heritage, tradition, and legacy – while at the same time expressing the excitement and high-end quality of their unique adventures.

To design the logo, we combined our knowledge of proportions, the relationship between positive and negative spaces, and the classic art of heraldry to craft a strongly recognizable symbol that will stand out in the modern visual jungle. The clean typography resonates beautifully with the main letter, “W”, which we modified to imply the “X” of “Expeditions”. The crest and year of establishment express the tradition and heritage of Wheeler Expeditions’ history.

Designed as an approachable space for adventurers to begin exploring the world in new ways, the Wheeler Expeditions website is an engaging modern platform with a classically elegant style.

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Infinite Love Healing

Brand Positioning, Brand Concept, Logo Design, Print Materials, Web Page Design & Development

Infinite Love Healing, founded by Adam V Trope and Carolina Lopez, is dedicated to teaching and empowering people through ancient yogic practices, healing sessions, and spiritual guidance. They needed a brand and an online platform to connect with their students and clients.

The logo is a graphically strong, communicative symbol based on the harmonious principles of organic design. Combining two modified infinity symbols to form one majestic heart, this dynamic symbol expresses the infinite healing power of love.

The Infinite Love Healing website is a platform for potential students and clients to discover the wide range of services and classes created to further their spiritual development. Its open, airy design and fluid user experience encourage engagement and interaction with the brand.

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Brand Positioning, Brand Concept, Logo Design, Print Materials, Web Page Design & Development

The Aleksiev-Lehnhoff Group, aka Alhoff, is a global import-export firm specializing in transporting goods from Bulgaria to the Middle East. As an up-and-coming player in the world market, they needed a brand to present a professional face to their business partners.

It was essential for Alhoff to incorporate into its brand aspects of both the Bulgarian and Middle Eastern cultures. To accomplish this, we integrated into the logo the lion – a main element of the Bulgarian crest,as well as a universal sign of power and respect – along with the green crescent moon, one of the central symbols of the Middle East.

In addition to shaping their brand, Alhoff entrusted us with their website design and development. Alhoff.com is a modern, mobile-responsive website that presents the brand in a professional way, giving the company a stable position in the market.

The Alhoff brand was a wise investment for the company, as it has the timeless stability to stay with the Aleksiev-Lehnhoff Group for generations. They are now proud to present their company all around the world, knowing that they are expressing their core values in the best way.




Brand Positioning, Brand Concept, Naming, Logo Design, Print Materials, Web Page Design & Development

Femanna is a wellness company helping women suffering from chronic ailments to heal and start living their lives fully. We wanted them to stand out in the market as a caring, loving, feminine company with the tools to effectively help their clients. The name we crafted is a combination of the French word for woman, “femme”, and “manna”, spiritual nourishment.

The main statement of the brand is “A Body & Life You Love”. This is shown in their logo, where we see the silhouette of a woman rising from a lotus to reach her greatest potential.

We had the pleasure to design for Femanna a membership website, various online programs, and an array of print materials. In their website design and development, we incorporated the latest web technologies to create a user-friendly membership site in which they present their interactive online programs. Thus the website is not just an online business card, but a medium through which Femanna can reach clients and increase their revenue.

Since the launch of the new brand, the company has tripled its social media following and has started various joint ventures. With such an exceptional brand in the field, the clients are proud to present their company at seminars and conferences, finding it much easier to connect with potential partners and clients.



Living Harmony

Brand Positioning, Brand Concept, Logo Design, Print Materials, Web Page Design 

Living Harmony is a high-end personal styling company established in 1981. What makes Living Harmony stand out from their competition is their custom-tailored, boutique approach to their customers. In 2013, they came to us requesting rebranding services to help them launch into the 21st century.

After conducting extensive research of their history as well as the current status of the market, we crafted an elegantly timeless brand that authentically expresses the values of the company. We based their logo on classical principles of design and geometry, such as the Golden Ratio, to create a dynamic image conveying harmony and balance.

We digitized 24 color spectrums, each consisting of over 500 individual colors, which their clients now happily use to choose the clothing that best suits them. In addition, we designed an entire curriculum of in-depth information products for the exclusive members of Living Harmony.


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